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Childhood Delight and a Hungry Passion for Learning Led to The Chocolate Bar’s Inception 

About Us

In Ellon, Aberdeenshire lives a beautifully structured chocolate shop and café with tasty delights, spectacularly personal staff and mouth-watering produce, that is also doing its bit for the environment too. 

Our artisan chocolatier produces some of the most amazing chocolates you could imagine and our baking is all homemade and done in the hub of the café - the kitchen.


Freshly Baked Cakes

We provide freshly baked cakes daily, quality handmade chocolates ranging from rustic hand-cut bars to layered couture chocolates, lunches, hot and cold drinks, gifts and much more. 

If you are passing through, do pop in and try our little delicacies, afternoon tea or an indulgent hot chocolate. We would love to see you.

You are always welcome here.
delicious baked muffins
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A Chocolatier Is Born...

The Chocolate Bar was started lovingly by a couple in 2010 and, in the run-up to the opening, they had sourced many quality suppliers who inevitably became friends. 

During their search, they came across a local chocolatier’s called ‘Chocolat Passions’ and who was asked to supply their gorgeous artisan chocolates. Working closely together, The Chocolate Bar stocked creations from Chocolat Passions, which led to other events being held and Kira of Chocolat Passions eventually started making chocolates in-house at The Chocolate Bar.

A True Chocolate Fairy Tale 

After some time the couple decided to sell The Chocolate Bar and, due to popular consensus, it was decided that the shop couldn’t be anything other than a place where chocolate dreams come true!

So Kira decided she would take it over. 

She and her partner Mark, who both met through the shop, bought over the quaint little shop in Ellon and the keys exchanged on the 14th February 2015 - the best type of fate is when it’s romantic!

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